How to Use HVLP to Spray Latex (Information Guide+ Solution)




How to Use HVLP to Spray Latex


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How to Use HVLP to Spray Latex? Paint sprayers with high volume low pressure (HVLP) are very popular for indoor painting. 

That’s because they use low pressure to draw the paint from the gun, the result being that the amount of overspray is reduced. They are far more efficient than standard compressed paint sprayers in this instance.

Bear in mind that the low pressure is ideal when working with oil-based finishes and paints, but presents obstacles when dealing with heavier and thicker latex paint. 

These obstacles can be overcome with some paint preparation and additional equipment. This post will give you a step-by-step guide.

How to Use HVLP to Spray Latex?

Can HVLP Spray Latex Paint?

Yes, you can you HVLP spray latex paint. The great informative guide on how to use HVLP Spray?

Preparation of Paint

One factor that you should keep in mind when dealing with latex paint that’s of high quality is that is much thicker than the traditional finishes. To spray it, you need to thin it. It will either blob out of your spray gun or not come out at all if you don’t thin it.

The paint brand and quality will determine the amount of water you use. To thin the paint, add 10 percent water to the mixture and stir it well. If the paint is still thick, add a small amount of water.

You should not use more than 25% of water to paint your latex. This is because if you thin the paint too much, it will cause it to be less sticky and less likely to cover surfaces.

How to Use HVLP to Spray Latex

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Keep in mind that water thinning may not produce the desired results. You can use a latex paint conditioner if you need to reduce the paint’s viscosity. Paint conditioners made from latex have special properties that allow the paint to flow. This is without making the paint thinner or affecting its ability to adhere and cover surfaces.


It is best to use the standard paint strainer cone to fill your paint sprayer cup. Keep in mind that the standard HVLP nozzle’s opening is 1.4mm. This means that even small pieces of debris could clog it.

Once you have plugged the nozzle, it is time to disassemble the sprayer and get rid of the obstruction. A strainer is the best option to avoid messy and time-consuming procedures like this. If you are unable to locate a paint strainer, you can use a pair of pantyhose.

Hose Length

The HVLP paint sprayer’s turbine fan produces heat, which is then applied directly to the latex paint using the short hose. You need to heat the paint to reduce drying time. This will affect the paint’s ability to flow and level out.

You can reduce the temperature of the paint atomizer air by adding a 6-foot length of air hose to the turbine.


You should hold your paint sprayer no more than 8 inches away from the surface or area you are painting. Start on the top of the vertical surface. Horizontal surfaces can be accessed by either the opposite or their edge. Before you start on the next surface, make sure it is completely wet.

Try it out!

Remember that you need to consider several factors in order to achieve the desired viscosity. These include temperature, humidity, physical characteristics of the paint, and turbine output. These factors all affect how the paint flows. It all depends on your efforts to find the perfect mix.

You can try this method: Test-spray paint on scrap cardboard or paper with your paint sprayer. You can then practice spraying your mixture on a test surface until you have a uniform finish.

It is cheaper and quicker to use a small amount of paint to test than trying to remove a bad job or start over.


Can HVLP spray latex? It can. The above informative guide should make it easier for you to use your paint sprayer or gun to spray latex paint. To ensure you purchase the most efficient paint sprayers, make sure you review them online.

For more details you can watch this video:


Is it possible to spray latex paint using HVLP?

HVLP systems can’t spray latex paint with heavier bodies. Spray guns are unable to fully atomize latex paint due to their viscosity. This makes it difficult for them to use spray guns. A lower pressure turbine unit can break it down into smaller particles, which will give you a smooth surface.

How do you thin latex paint for spraying HVLP?

Mix the paint thoroughly. Next, thin it by adding 10% water. Add a little water to thin the paint and mix it again. Paint should not contain more than 25% water. The paint’s ability to adhere and cover a surface is affected if it is too thin.

How do you spray latex with Fuji HVLP?

Here are some tips from Fuji Spray-On Spraying latex

  1. Set the air cap at 1.8mm. 6-footFuji2049F whip-hose
  2. Thin the paint water can be as high as 20%
  3. Use additives if necessary.
  4. To reduce the air temperature in the gun, add the 6-foot whip hose.
  5. The gun should be held no closer than 8 feet (20 cm) from your body.
  6. Use a complete, wet coat.

What is the best way to spray latex paint?

Use latex paint for the smoothest results. An airless sprayer for the paint you can rent a sprayer for as low as $100 per day. Other sprayers may be less expensive, but you will need to thin the paint to a specific consistency.


Using an HVLP to spray latex can be a great way to get even coverage and avoid the mess that can come with using a brush or roller. Be sure to use the correct type of HVLP for the material you are spraying, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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