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how to paint coved ceilings


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Sometimes you feel difficulty painting the walls when there is no clear distinction between the end of the walls and where the ceiling starts. In this situation, your simple painting project can become complicated. Now you have a question: what should I do now? First of all, you should know what a coved ceiling is?

What is a coved ceiling?

Coved ceilings consist of a raised section above the perimeter edges. It has a curved area that acts as the transition to the inset.

Keep in mind that painting a covid ceiling is almost the same as painting the standard ceiling. However, it is slightly different in that you have to protect the molding from the paint being applied to the ceiling.

Step by Step Guide How To Paint Coved Ceilings

Step 1:

First of all, clear your room by removing the furniture as in this way, you are protecting your furniture and giving you more workspace. If you cannot move any furniture, then cover it with a thick piece of cloth.

Step 2:

After that, you have to remove or cover the things hanging on the ceiling. It is better to get the power to the circuit at your home’s electrical box. You can test the circuit with a voltage tester.

If you cannot remove the fixtures, you can cover them with painter’s tape to meet the ceilings. You must also put the plastic over the fixture to protect it from the paint.

Step 3:

Now comes the protection of the floor, which you can protect by covering the floor with tarps.

Step 4:

Now take the blue painter’s tape and cover the edges of the crown molding along with the ceiling.

Step 5:

Now you have to pay it along the edges of the ceilings with the paintbrush. It is good to go for smooth, even strokes when applying the paint to the ceiling. Then keep on smooth brushstrokes as much as possible.

Do this process slowly because you accidentally paid on to the crown molding. Don’t stretch your body to go far; instead, you have to move the ladder for easy painting. Also, it lowers the risk of falling from the ladder and prevents the paint from getting on the molding.

Step 6:

Then you have to paint on the main sections of the ceiling with the paint roller attached to the extension pole. After that, put the paint in the paint tray and roll the roller into the tray. Make sure that the roller covers the paint but not that much that the paint drips off the roller. 

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Options of Painting for Covid Ceiling

Painting by hand

Painting by hand is considered the cheapest option for coved ceilings. You have to take a simple paintbrush and paint with which you can cover the surface of your ceiling with paint by yourself. However, while performing this method, it takes a lot of time, but you should be able to save the cost of employing someone.

The Plaster underneath

Sometimes while painting the coved ceiling, one of the big problems is when there is plaster underneath. Sometimes, molding is made by plastering over a layer of mesh.

Sometimes, the plaster is not firmly fixed to the ceiling, so you must paint carefully. If you use heavy paint, then, unfortunately, it crashes through the floor. So you have to look at the condition of the ceiling before painting.

Wallpaper and paint

You can also wallpaper the bottom half of the room and then use the paint on your ceiling. You can easily fit the wallpaper to the beginning of the curve and then place it as usual. It comes out in the form of a beautiful wall decoration which will allow you to mark the band where the wall ends.

At this point, you can go for the guideline for painting the coved ceiling. Make sure that you use a paint roller for painting and let it dry, which can be easily bought from most stores.

Painting from ceiling to floor

You have to pay from ceiling to floor by applying one color of paint to your ceiling and your floor. This method will prevent you from spending much money on paint sprayers and other things. You can easily make coved ceiling by simply rolling over from the bottom to the wall to the top of the sealing.


Can you paint the coved ceiling?

Yes, you can easily paint coved ceiling by using a roller. Ensure that you protect the molding from the paint being applied to the ceiling.

What is the purpose of the coved ceiling?

With the help of coved ceiling, you can get rid of hard 90 degree angles by making a smooth and rounded finish. Now you do not have to go for expensive crown molding, as the coved ceiling helps give a more elegant finish.

How do you paint a coved ceiling?

While painting coved ceiling and ceiling at the same time, you might not get the desired uniform finish. First of all, apply the first coat of paint to the coved and then paint the ceiling. Then go for the second coat when the first coat is dried.

Final words:

Coved ceilings are sometimes tricky to paint, but with practice, you can become an expert. Here this post revealed the step-by-step guide of how to paint the coved ceiling, so follow all steps and go for it.

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