How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Garage Door?




How much does it cost to paint a garage door


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The garage door is always essential as it gives a barrier separating the Indoor from the outdoor. Painting the garage door always gives your home exterior a beautiful look and finish. Here in this post, we will review how much it costs to paint a garage door. We will also go into the details of every single cost while painting the garage door.

The average cost of painting the garage door

The cost of painting the garage door usually ranges from 100 to $700. So if we evaluate the cost per square foot, it is generally between $1 and $3. Keep in mind that the price range of painting the garage door depends on the size of the garage door you are painting and the cost of professional labor.

When the garage door is larger, it ultimately requires more paint and is more expensive. Similar is the case with hiring professionals for painting or simply painting the door on your own. So the cost is different depending on the conditions.

Cost of materials

  • Primer $20 
  • Exterior paint $33 
  • Additional materials $10

So before starting painting, you have to purchase these necessary materials. If we add the cost of all these materials, then we have to spend $63. First of all, you have to select the paint and make sure that you purchase exterior paint if you want the new coating on the garage door. 

For painting the standard size garage door, 1 gallon of exterior paint is enough. Typically, the price of 1 gallon of exterior paint is 33 dollars. However, on the other side, if there are double garage doors, then you require more than one gallon.

So you must buy two-gallon paints from the nearby store to ensure that you do not run out of color at an inappropriate time.

But when you apply a new coating made without primer, a new layer of paint will chip away faster. Also, you will not get the perfect finish you want; the paint might look good even after it dries.

So from my point of view, you must apply primer before painting the garage door, and it is cheaper than exterior paint. A standard 1 gallon of primer is about $20.

Along with purchasing the paint and primer, you must also purchase other materials you need for this project. These materials are rollers, roller brushes, as well as some tape.

Labor cost to paint garage door

  • Garage door painting
  • Single door garage cost $50
  • Double door garage cost $100
  • Garage doors tripping paint
  • Single door garage cost  130 dollars
  • Double door garage cost 260 dollars

While painting the garage door, it is surprising to learn that the labor costs are higher than the materials. So normally, the labor cost is $360 almost if you want to paint the garage door professionally with a unique finish. Some professionals also charge it hourly, and the type of job you will end at $50. 

Cost to repair garage door

Parts to be repaired with a price estimate

  • Panels $400 
  • Springs $170 
  • Cables $90 
  • Tracks $160 

It is not always required to repair your garage door, but it should be painted, especially when the paint starts to warp. This means that estimating the total cost of repairs depends on the type of work involved. 

The most expensive part to repair regarding garage doors is the panels. Sometimes, you might have to pay $400 if some panels need to be replaced. It is necessary to replace the panels, especially if you want to get the garage door.

Fixing the springs of the garage door

It is quite expensive to fix the springs of your garage door. But still, it is essential to fix them, and then you have to pay almost $170 additional for this work.

Busted tracks

If you want to keep your garage door functional, you also have to work on the busted tracks as they are also responsible for it. So for the installation of those new tracks, you have to pay an additional cost of $160.

As you prepare your garage door, you also want to remove some old garage door cables. But it is a relatively inexpensive method where the installation of the replacement cables costs only $90.


On your garage door, what kind of paint should be used?

  • For vinyl and wooden garage doors, exterior latex paint is good.
  • If you have aluminum doors, then you need exterior acrylic paint.
  • For steel doors, oil-based paint or latex exterior paint is used.

How long does it usually take to paint a garage door?

Typically, it takes up to 3 days to paint a garage door, depending on different factors. Although it looks like the project is simple, it is a time-consuming process to paint the garage door with all the drying and other things needed.

Which color is considered the best to paint a garage door?

The best colors might be dark gray, black, white, gray, walnut, brown, beige, etc. However, you can choose yourself according to your wall’s color scheme. The color you select always complements your exterior decor. However, if you repaint your house exterior, make sure that it is the same color you choose for coloring the garage door.

Final words:

For painting a standard garage door, the average cost might range from $230 to $250. All the materials and labor required to paint a garage door are included in this cost. By reading this post, you will get a better idea about every cost related to painting the garage door. However, keep in mind that painting a single garage door is different from painting a double garage door. So obviously, the price for painting a double garage door usually ranges from $450 to $470.

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