Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Review (Good Gun Spray or Not??

  • By: Sara William
  • Date: September 20, 2022
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Brownells Aluma-Hyde II paint is an excellent product for those who wish to paint their guns. Its formula is so strong that it is an outstanding choice among firearm paints.

It is resistant to nearly every solvent, cleaning agent, and even trichloroethylene, which can damage the paint on your weapon.

These Aluma Hyde are durable because of their hard-curing epoxy base that contains extra pigment and high density.

It works well with all aluminum and alloy surfaces, but it is best for synthetic stocks.

Let’s start by getting some knowledge about the product. We will then go into detail in the remainder of the article.

Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Review

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  • You can offer it to the buyer approximately 12 different color options
  • One 12 ounce can costs $12.99
  • Spray cans or bulk liquids are available for airbrush application. Thinner sold separately

Brownells Aluma Hyde II provides a reliable DIY solution for protecting your firearm. It’s a great choice as it resists the most severe scratches and is unaffected by harsh cleaning chemicals. Many theories exist about the firearm epoxy paint. 

There are many theories about this firearm epoxy paint. Some say it is remarketed Krylon enamel or a downgraded Duracoat finish.

However, Alumahyde II is the same as VHT Epoxy Appliance Spray Paint, which is often available in gloss colors such as tan, white and black.

The Brownells Aluma Hyde II comes in a variety of colors, which might appeal to people who love to camouflage weapons. 

This product has a great advantage: it doesn’t require a primer to achieve a durable and rustproof finish. It blends seamlessly and well. 

There are many videos online that can help less-experienced customers avoid problems during the painting process. We will now move on to the features of this product once we have mastered the basics.


  • This Aluma Hyde, as we mentioned above is formulated with an epoxy base that hard cures. It has high-density and additional pigment for a permanent coating. Epoxy spray paint used to be made specifically for marine environments. However, it can now be used for all other applications that require a durable and sealed coating.
  • They take approximately a week to reach their full core, but they can be touched immediately as it doesn’t take long for them to dry. To apply it, warm the paint to about 90 degrees F and shake it well. After waiting a while, apply the second coat. Do not wait more than 30 minutes. Once you notice that the skin has begun to heal, wait until you are ready to recoat. To speed up the process, warm air can be used. To achieve the desired result, follow all instructions.
  • Aluma-Hyde II is available in many colors, giving you the opportunity to choose the right one for you gun. Matte Black, Desert Tan (light desert-tan sand), O.D., and Coyote are all available as matte covers. Green for creating camo patterns stocks, Matte Black, Coyote (light, gray-brown), Desert Tan (light, desert-tan sand), O.D.

You know that every product has its returns and flaws. I will not be biased and only mention the positive aspects of this product. To avoid any dissonance, you should have a clear picture. Let’s now discuss the positive and negative aspects of Alum-Hyde II


  • Its hard-curing epoxy base provides a durable coating. This is the feature that is most popular. It can even be used on metals like steel, aluminum, alloy, and plastic. Although it may take some time for the product to fully cure, I guarantee that you will be happy with the final result.
  • It comes in many colors so you can choose the right one for your weapon or other items. This product is a great choice if you’re looking for durable paint at a fair price.


  • Be aware that the product may be thicker than other sprays. It can cause problems with tolerances, such as the ability to set up pivot pins or takedown.
  • During the painting process, you need to be extremely careful. Before you begin, make sure to inspect for any openings, such as a selector switch. These openings will need your attention in order to properly address the paint.
  • You will have to deal with extra batteries because it does not come with an additional battery.
  • Sometimes it can be loud so you may get distracted or lose focus.

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Although there are some negative reviews about this product, we still think it’s worth looking into. Pay attention to the instructions and follow them. It will be a wise decision.

Alum-Hyde II spray paint is just like appliance epoxy spray paint. It is not like other spray paint. You will be disappointed if you treat it like any other spray paint. If you use low heat, it should take between 24-48 hours to assemble the parts.

It is best to allow everything to cure properly for better results. Otherwise, you may find that your delicate skin has been damaged by the fingernail.

The cure time will be shorter if the can is warm. Warming the furnace can and parts can help to make the job easier.

You will have a terrible-looking weapon if you don’t show patience or rush to apply medium coats. It is highly recommended that you give it time.


These are my suggestions for anyone who is using this product for the first time, or for someone who is a bit naive and careless due to their inattention to safety precautions when handling any type of dangerous product.

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How to Use Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Epoxy Based Firearms Finish?

If you are planning to use Brownells Alum Hyde, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • It is important to be fully informed about the product’s ingredients. To be able to quickly respond to any unfortunate situation, you should always have a first aid kit.
  • Fire-fighting measures are also necessary because the product has flammable properties. One should be prepared to handle any accident.
  • It is important to be able to provide the necessary information regarding its handling and be able to explain its storage restrictions that vary depending on the environment.

We have also included some details about the product which will be of great help to you.

Take a look

Safety first! These are simple and straightforward safety tips that you should follow.

You should remove any ignition sources from the area. Also, you should keep out unnecessary personnel.

If you are wearing protective clothing, you don’t have to touch spilled or damaged containers. Before you use them, ventilate with some airflow. To avoid contamination of the environment, use appropriate containment.

  • This should be kept in cool places because the pressure in sealed containers can be increased by heat.
  • When you’re using this product, do not smoke. Avoid skin contact. Follow good industrial hygiene and safety practices.
  • Avoid exceedingly high temperatures


Before you buy, it is crucial to clarify all of your questions and doubts. You can find information from a variety of sources, including word-of-mouth, reviews on websites, customer reviews, forums, buying guides, and other online resources. 

You can also look for information from other sources if these sources aren’t 100% reliable.

Aluma-Hyde, which is one of the most costly rattles can paints on the market today, is definitely a high-end product. It can chip and flake like any other rattle-can painting. It’s worth it if you’re satisfied with the results.

We would not be wrong to say that patience is key when painting your weapon. It’s as good as any competitive paint we have used.

We have today’s aggressive bore cleaners that do a great job of getting gun bores clean. However, they can also cause havoc with other finishes. 

After a complete cure, Aluma Hyde II was found to be solvent-proof against all but the most aggressive and copper-removing bore solvents.

Aluma-Hyde’s spray paint is stronger than any other and can be used on any firearm. After a few years, you can recoat the finish by yourself without stripping away any of the original finishes.

It will not corrode or react with other external substances if it is used as directed. Although it does not meet the needs of those who are in a hurry or lack patience, the results can be impressive and durable, and transformative for $19.99.

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